The Pan Roasted Peanut: The Big White Shelled Version (Hubad)

If I am going to roast peanuts, then I prefer the smaller variety with brown skins still intact, rather than the large white one without skins. The latter is truly bigger but the latter posses better flavor. However, the story is different when it is free, and this set of white peanuts is free. A reject from peanut butter processing.  I wonder why they are rejected since they are good looking to me.  I guess they are implementing a very strict grading process, choosing only the best nut for their product.

I got a couple of kilo free. First thing I deed was to share some to my neighbors. I reserve the rest for me, for eating and experimental purposes.

I tried roasting about half kilogram and it took me about two hours of continual stirring over a very low gas stove fire.  I expected a longer cooking time. The “Pan Roasted Peanuts” I posted before required approximately 35 minutes. A more frequent stirring was necessary as it got burnt faster.

I did my best to make the roast even but still uneven in the end. Some  are crunchy while others tough. Maybe it is not suitable for no-oil pan roasting.

big white pan roasted peanuts

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  1. My late brother-in-law used to roast peanuts for sale, like the ones we see hawked as street food. I remember that they were soaked in water overnight before being roast the next day with very thinly sliced peeled garlic and a bit of salt. It took only half an hour maybe for all the peanuts to be roasted. They were also this white large variety, not the smaller ones we call “Spanish” style with the skins on. Just thought I’d pass on that small bit of info.

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