A Taste of Fresh and Crispy Jacobina Biscuits

jacobina biscuits

I took the route of Indang-Amadeo-Tagaytay to deliver some tabliya to our customers. On my way home I took the route of Tagaytay-Mendez-Indang look for some automobile parts for my Izuzu C240 Diesel Engine. I stopped at four auto shops without success of finding the parts I need.

My last stop was at La Noceda Store,  located at town of Mendez near the police station. I stopped by not to look for engine parts but to buy some Jacobina Biscuits. This biscuits is famous in our place for its delicious taste and crispy texture. Many entrepreneurs tried to imitate the formula but they all failed.

The biscuit comes in square. Every square is like a hundred sheets of paper filed in a loose manner. The soft and crispy biscuits are good partner for hot coffee, hot tea or even any cold beverages.

I bought two large packs for my mother-in-law and my wife. The biscuit is the favorite food of my wife when she was pregnant on our eldest son.

jacobina biscuits


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