Techni-Ice Reusable Ice Packs

It appeared like a dry ice from afar but I realized it wasn’t when the sales staff did some sales talking to us. It is a polymer refrigerant which comes in two variants. The Heavy Duty Reusable (HDR Regular) 4-layer Techni-Ice and the Standard (STD)-2-layer Techni-Ice. Both provides the same cooling function but the first is more durable than the latter.

techni ice in action

What we’ll be getting if we buy is a thin plastic sheet. It has several cells which swells when massage in lukewarm water. Well, bringing it back to dehydrated state is sure not as easy.

To use, freeze it for 24 hours and place in cooler together with the food to be cooled. It is expected for last for 24 hours depending on cooler type, frequency of opening/closing and environmental conditions.

Dry ice evaporates while ice liquefies. Techni-Ice just looses its coldness and can be conveniently cooled again for the next use.

It can be divided  to best fit to your desired application. It is done by cutting along seam line

Techni-Ice can do not just cooling but also the reverse. It can be microwaved for 2-3 minutes and up to five minutes and serve as hot compress or food warmer. I think more research has to be done on this part. There is no danger in over freezing but over heating has. It might explode and result to injuries.

I have few uncleared concerns. It was never mentioned what specific type of plastic it is. Perhaps a patented secret polymer. What would be the consequences if it is used beyond its assumed reuse cycle (which was also not mentioned). What are the signs telling it is already unfit for use.

I think it is a good product. Let us try it first before complaining. See Techi-Ice for more information.


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