28 Local Wine Products

I reviewed all the pictures I’d taken during the exhibit. I was a bit surprised to discover that there were a total of local 28 wine products exhibited. Some are very popular products, some are known while are others were completely new to my senses.

1) Abiu ?

duhat and abui wine

2) Adlai, yet another product from adlai grain.
3) Arius, the fruit looks like an a violet and small version of cashew.

arius wine

4) Banana

banana wine

5) Basi, from sugar cane
6) Bignay, bugnay

bugnay and basi wine

7) Blueberry
8) Cashew

cashew wine

9) Chico
10) Coconut, wine from coconut is different from lambanog.

coconut wine

11) Duhat, lomboy, both refer to black plum.
12) Guyabano, the anti-cancer fruit goes alcoholic.
13) Jackfruit
14) Lipote
15) Oregano, a wine from herbal leaf.
16) Mango, green mango
17) Mangosteen
18) Paratungon, a centerpiece of MIMAROPA booth.

paratungon wine

19) Pineapple
20) Raspberry
21) Santol
22) Sapinit
23) Tamarind
24) Tambis

tambis jackfruit and guyabano wine

25) Ube
26) Yacon
27) Ybanay?
28) Zuriel?

bignay zuriel and chico wine

I remember a sad story of my good friend. He was marketing his very own made wine. However, most wine seller were saying, “We never carry local wines”. If we could change our “like-imported” attitude, it would help a lot in uplifting our local wine industry.




  • hello.. where could i buy that seal or cap of the wine bottle? is that aluminum foil?

    • Synergos sells wine caps, aluminum wine caps. I never know where to find locally the aluminum foil type. Most wine makers here buy from abroad. Here is the synergos link (http://synergospackaging.wordpress.com)

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