Adlai Products

Adlai production and consumption is being promoted by the Department of Agriculture together with various state colleges and universities. The grain is a rich source of energy and so a good alternative to rice, corn, potato and perhaps wheat products.

Adlai, based on anecdotal literature, has good eating quality, grow well in non-irrigated areas and requires low farm inputs. However, other people have negative opinion. How can it be a good rice alternative if its grain yield is relatively low and can only be harvested two times a year. I guess more research has to be done to make it as prolific as rice and erase those negatives. The long and tedious series of variety selection, breeding, testing and field trials.

I think the area of food technology is an easier field. People has already developed various food products using Adlai.

1) Pure adlai flour. It can be made into any bakery goods provided with right amount of wheat flour or any gluten substitute. I wonder if it can also be cooked as rice milk.

pure adlai flour

2) The adlai health drink. I think it was adapted from oatmeal and other oatmeal based drink.

golden adlai and health drink

3) Adlai golden. I am sure it is not a genetically modified adlai with beta carotene. I think it was added with food coloring or stuff with a color yellow complexion, eg margarine.

4) Adlai Maki Sushi. A proof that it can be used on your favorite maki. It might not be as good or it might taste even better.

maki shusi adlai

5) Adlai Coffee. A coffee alternative that has no caffeine. It is organically grown. Added with coconut sugar. Contains free-radical scavenging antioxidants.

adlai kape

6) Adlai suman and peche peche. I never know if adlai is glutenous or not. These two native products are suggesting me it is.

adlai suman peche peche

7) Adlai crunch, chips and puffed. I hope they are as crunchy and as tasty as they sound.

adlai crunch and chips

Researchers from Bicol State University presented a wide range of products. They have chocolate energy drink, nutri meal, kropek, coffee, 4-in-1 nutri bar, puffed and toasted adlai rice puto.

bicol state university adlai products




  • Hello! May I know how we can order these products? Pls. send contact information. Thanks.

  • Hi po,cooperatiba kami at planu magtanim ng adlai pwede pba kami humingi assistance kung panu gumawa ng finish products ng adlai at magpatulong narin kung saan pwede i market ang adlai harvest namin.
    Chairman rey

    • Hello Rey,

      Interesado ako na makatrabaho and cooperatiba ninyo para sa adlai harvest. Gumagawa kami ngayon ng research dito. Pwede mo ba aako i-email para makapag usap tayo?


  • Greetings! Do you know where can be buy or how can we ship Adlai to Quezon City? Thanks!

  • hi ask ko lng po… do all the adlai products in your blog each have already a published paper/study? or only recipes??

    hoping for your reply. thanks!

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