LAMPCO Coco Sugar Taste Test

It is now time to evaluate this LAMPCO coconut sugar. As an SOP, I cut the packaging open and transferred the contents into clean jar. It would prevent moisture absorption and catching of dirt.

A traditionally processed sugar based on its appearance, powdery brown with no distinct crystals. The slightly burnt flavor is suggestive that coconut sap was boiled in a carahay down to its crystallization stage. A long and manual method carried out by a tolerant man.

The sugar is less sweet. It is not even half as sweet as refined cane sugar. Has a mix of burnt flavor and vinegary taste. It is like a powdered candy that I want to eat it little by little.

It has relatively weak sweetening power. I prepared a mug of guyabano tea and added half tbsp coco sugar. It was barely sweet. I added another half tbsp when the tea was half consumed. The typical coconut sap flavor became prominent and it overpowered the guyabano tea taste.

lampco coco sugar

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