Ang Tindahan ng Itlog ni Kuya

Official work hours were true for the day and we’re on the way home. We stopped by somewhere in Calamba in front of a bamboo kiosk.

tindahan ng itlog ni kuyaWow! lots of eggs! I wouldn’t be surprised if they were just ordinary eggs. My uncle who is leaving few steps away from our house is an egg dealer. File of fresh eggs, few dozens of broken eggs and the repulsive smell of rotten old eggs is a boring scene. Those were white salted eggs with small red patches to  distinguished that they were salt preserved.

itlog ni kuya file of pekin duck salted eggsI have been seeing these white salted egg brand  for quite awhile and ate  few of them. This kiosk was suggestive that its maker was somewhere near.

After a few word exchanges with the kiosk staff, I learned that they are being manufactured in Victoria, Laguna. A place where duck raising is a stable industry, making it a perfect place to make preserved pekin duck eggs.

It was rather a short talk because we were in a hurry. The information I gathered were too narrow.

In people’s mind, it is not a salted egg if the shell color is not red. My uncle tried making salted eggs before and dyed it with a very light shade of red. Very few bought it.The thing never holds true now. People can accept changes with the right approach. A small red sticker is enough to tell buyer, it is salted. Campaign against the use of dangerous egg dye encouraged the masses to patrionize the white version.

Go to for more information about Mr. Duck Salted Eggs. Other duck products like balut, leche plan, and spring fried pekin duck are also available.

This pack of ten eggs was my pasalubong to me and my family.

10 pieces mr duck salted eggs


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