The 7-eleven Siopao Asado

Siopao were in rectangular house glass divided by perforated metal layers (stainless steel). It was an electric steamer intended to cook the bread and keep it hot.  Flavors and sizes with corresponding prizes were listed on front door.

Big siopao asado cost 39 pesos each. If my memory served me right, vendor on the next street was selling siopao buy one take one for 30 pesos per order. I am her regular customer actually. Each of the same size as the one behind glass door. Anyway, it was a product of 7-eleven 24 hours convenience store. Goods prices are expected higher.

Time was 11:30 near midnight. It was the only open store. Besides, the money on hand was not mine. I bought three, one for me, one for bro and one for sis.

7 fresh siopao and sauceActually there were two night shift karenderias within my sight, but I and company wanted siopao, nothing else.

Siopao were wrapped in small rectangular plastic – the same bag used to wrap burgers, then packed in small sando bags. Both bags are plastic but biodegradable, the oxo-biodegradable plastic. See Oxo Biodegradable Plastic Nine Months Test.

7 eleven biodegradable sando bag

Siopao bottom was lined with a printed parchment paper. It was easily noticeable and thus may prevent accidental ingestion. Brother ate his while I was driving home. It was dark and he accidentally ate some paper lining.

siopao asado parchment paperEvery siopao came with two sauces, the Delmonte Siopao Sauce. Content of each pack was about 1/5 of local competitors. Two packs were not enough for this big siopao. Sauce rating = poor.

del monte 7 eleven siopao sauceHad a small red dot on top center, indication of asado filling. I cut it along the center and found a big hole lined with shredded meat and sauce. The other half has one small size of whole meat that tasted awesome. Thumbs up for the small piece of meat. Overall siopao rating = fair.

siopao cross section view



  • Can anyone tell me the name and contact number of 711 supplier of siopao, siomai and hotdog sandwich. please email me at Thank you and have a nice day!!!

  • Love, love, love siopao. I love it. I want to try and make my own but I don’t know of a reliable sauce recipe, there are so many out there. I just want the basic sweet one that comes with most pork siopao. Why don’t they sell a siopao sauce? Or do they? If someone knows of any, please, let me know. I’m in the US.
    …and p.s.
    Everyone’s eaten a piece of the paper on accident.

  • Siopaos are good but not all

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