The Buko Pie Buying Adventure

Going home from IRRI to Cavite, we stop by one of the most popular buko pie store. No one among use could remember the store name. We are relying on barely remembered clue and common sense. It is on the right street side and there should be many customers.

Driving slowly while observing the right street side, we find the store with many customers, Orient The Original Buko Pie. Many customers are wanting to buy buko pie but the product is currently out of stock. It is 5 pm anyway. It is normal for the store to stock just enough for the whole day. Customers want fresh hot pie and not the old and reheated one.

the orient original buko piecustomers buying buko pieThere could be more reason why the buko pie is currently out of stock. They are baking really good pie, customers keep on coming, and they simply lack the manpower to cope.

Several walking vendors are offering customers of Orient, a different buko pie brand. Within a short observation time, no one was convinced by them. Indication that what they are offering is of lower quality.

It can’t be helped. We must continue going home and find another store. Rumors are pointing to two good buko pie bakers. One is “The Orient”, which we found earlier and the other one is yet to find out.

We spotted another store with many customers. My memory suggest it is the second rumored store. I bought a buko pie here before. The shop was highly recommended to me. The establishment named, Elvie’s Buko Pie.

Sadly, all of their stocks were bought by those girls. They allĀ  look happy while we are sad.

girs carrying buko pieThe store staff promised, they can sell us some but we need to wait at least 20 minutes. We agreed and got our pies after over one hour of waiting. I think it is worth waiting. It is a good pasalubong for her and my kids.

P.S. I remembered reading about the success story of Letty’s Buko Pie on Entrepreneur Magazine. Their product quality might be synonymous to two mentioned above.


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