Chilli-Hot Roasted Chicken, Calamansi Soy Sauce and Soup | Irresistible Meal Combination

Trying something new is okay when I am in my home town. It is not when I am somewhere far. I feel it is not safe. It doesn’t matter when I have company. Today I am alone so I feel safe to eat in a familiar restaurant. Mang Inasal is my choice.

My order is PM1.5. A variant of PM1, chicken leg with thigh, small glass coke and unlimited rice.  I like PM1.5 cause the roasted chicken that comes with it is chilli hot. It stimulates my senses and encourages me to eat more.

The crew carrying the rice bucket is roaming around almost non-stop. He is offering rice whenever he notice a customer running out of rice. I find it very convenient for customers.

Starts my meal by squeezing the calamansi in sauce plate and adding a little soy sauce. I am avoiding this sauce but experiencing it in rare occasions is fine. The crew adds two rice servings to my plate. Another crew give me a free soup.

Wow! I feel like home. It is like all my meal weakness are intentionally combined. A chilli hot roasted chicken, calamansi-soysauce condiment and the sour soup. My maximum rice serving limit is two but I ate four this time.

soup hot broiled chicken and calamansi soy sauce


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