Chowking In A Box | Two Hours After Delivery

The lunch during our Christmas party. The Chowking in a box. I am not against this food thing but it would be more exciting if they cooked the food in-house or they just ordered it from any prominent home-based catering service. Anyway, this is a food given by God. Complaining is not the right thing to do. I never gave any contribution cost, the second reason why I should be thanking instead.

The red carton box looks tempting. It is making my hunger almost double. Do you notice, many popular restaurants and fast food chains have red motif  The Jollibee, Max’s, Wendys, McDonalds, Tokyo Tokyo, Red Ribbon and Andoks. The red color induces hunger.

The box cover indicates breaded fish fillet but it also has two lumpiang shanghai. Maybe someone transferred it to this box. The box also has chichiria, buchi, breaded fish fillet, rice wrapped in a chao pao chunky beef wrapper and pancit canton (i can’t remember its real name).

chowking breaded fish fillet box

The food box came to my possession about 2 pm. It is two hours late after lunch time. It was not the delivery guy’s fault. The chichiria are softened and not good according to my senses. The lumpiang shanghai are still good but not as good as I expected. I was expecting a newly cooked taste. My favorite buchi and canton noodles are still as good as ever.

lumpiang shanghai breaded fish fillet canton

As I mentioned above, the rice wrapper has a Chaopao Chunky Beef Label. I really searched for a beef thingy stuffed somewhere inside the rice ball. There was none!

chow pao chunky  beef

The last but not the least, the fruit cocktail. It came in a separate disposable package. It looks very delicious but tasting it tells otherwise. Thumbs down for this one.

chowking fruit cocktail



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  • This was Delicious! I made mine gluten-free to acmatmodoce my husband’s allergies so I substituted gluten free Tamari for the soy sauce and used gluten free flour and breading. Everything else I did exact. The whole family loved it!

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