Dunkin Donut Coffee

Do food become more delicious when posted on internet (especially on Facebook)? This what Bitoy was angrily asking to his colleague. Well, the answer is obviously no but it kinda feel like pride for some people who are able to buy popular foods that may symbolize social status.

This was not a status symbol Star Bucks, a Dunkin Donuts instead. It doesn’t matter as long as it satisfies my taste bud. This coffee, it did satisfy me. It was deliciously bitter.

dunkin coffee 1 dunkin coffee 2Let us take a look on packaging concept. It is worth considering when buying or designing your own. This is a common style of creating ideas. Look into ideas of others, modify, innovate, improve and you have your very own.

Biodegradable cups. Stop using disposable plastics and harming our mother nature. You don’t have a choice anyway. Laws against the use of disposable plastic commodities are now widespread.

A cover with hole for sipping through. The cover itself prevent the hot coffee from spilling out. The small hole on the side for sipping which could be closed for complete spill proof protection is a nice feature.

Heat insulator. It prevents the customer’s hand from getting scorched. Carrying it without insulator is rather inconvenient. Handkerchief or tissue paper may do the purpose but providing the cup with its own insulator is way better.

Unity with store motif. It follows the style of store design. This is very important. People who are familiar with Dunkin Donut store will easily know you are carrying their product. It is a silent but effective advertisement.


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