Free Wifi Access in a Fast Food Restaurant

I passed by Wendy’s two times. Each time, the guy in front door handed me a colored back to back flyer. He also said they have a free wifi access for customers. He said it twice but I understood it only after looking on flyer. I crumpled the first one. I read the second flyer to give the man some credit for his efforts.

wendy's fast food chain promo wifiFree Wifi. That means all of their dine-in customers can enjoy the free internet access  if:

1) The customer has a laptop, a wifi enabled smart phone, a netbook and or a an android tablet or PC. Apple products are included of course.

2) The customer is willing to spent longer time eating. Taking in foods while browsing the internet.

Based from I have read before, fast food restaurants usually plays lively musics during peak hours. The purpose is to speed up eating customers so there will be more space for incoming people who want to eat. I think the wifi strategy works best for attracting customers during slow hours or days but it should not be offered during busy moments.

The free wifi internet was first offered by coffee shops where people can enjoy internet browsing while slowly sipping their expensive cup of coffee.


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