The Greenwich Solo Pizza

Pizza could be a good alternative to regular rice meal. Why? The bottom layer is bread – an energy giving food similar to rice. Plus it has meat, spices and vegetables as toppings (though not all pizza have vegetables.). A complete meal in a flat circular shape.

I missed a pizza so much. I cannot remember when was the last time it crossed my mouth.

Good thing, my better half brought home one order of Greenwich solo pizza. One order have one small pizza, drink and a sauce of choice. I love spicy hot foods so she chose a hot sauce. A budget meal for a price of 99 pesos.

greenwich discover delicious

I was looking for the drink. Sadly, she got thirsty and drank it along the way.

The overall taste was good. It was hot and spicy. I never liked the crust though. It was too dry. I have eaten many pizzas with slightly creamy and cheesy crust.

solo pizza


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