The Mang Inasal Yellow Sauce


What is this yellow thing, golden yellow to be more accurate. Some kind of liquid spice, maybe. I have been in this restaurant many times already, but it was the only time someone told me it supposed to go with rice.


All this time I thought it was fish sauce. I am not a fan whatever grade it maybe. They are all bad smelling to my nose. I often grabbing the soy sauce and ignoring it.

I tried mixing some with plain rice and put it inside my mouth. It was kind of oily and nothing more. I was wondering what kind of phenomenon make people like it. The color may have something to do. Remember, color yellow and red tend to make people hungry. The very reason why many food chains use these colors as motif. Examples, Jollibee, McDonalds, Goldilocks, Karate Kid, KFC, Shakeys and Chowking.

A little try was enough. Our order was fried chicken. An oily meal. Adding the yellow sauce would make it oilier and unhealthier.

Speaking of oily sauce. The best for me is the oil after frying salted fish. The darker the oil the better the taste. During the time when few homes can afford refrigerator, freshly bought fish were sprinkled with rock salt to extend its keeping life. Then, fried without shaking off the salts. The result was a salty and fishy flavored cooking oil that go well with plane rice.

Now that we are aware that cooking oil degrades, producing free radicals, through several use. We never let our oil go dark and make it as viand either.

I think the correct term is Chicken Oil.

update as of March 2018:

According to Passerby, it is Annato Oil or Mantikang Atsuete with chicken fat or skin. How it is made is sure a company secret!



  • The yellow oil is Annato Oil or Mantikang Atsuete. Although it’s not exactly just Annato, it’s also fried with Chicken Fat/Skin.

  • Haha! pa ingles-ingles pa, puro wrong grammar naman. Halatang pasosyal lang. Eh wag kang kumain sa Mang Inasal. Ugok!

    • Haha! pa comment comment, puro naman nonsense. Halatang papansin ka lang. Hindi tayo perpekto eh wag ka ng magbasa. Mas Ungok mama mo!

  • Ano po yung PLANE RICE?

    • sorry and thanks ! it was a typo


    For more info about “Chicken Oil”

  • *Pampa-taba po ang Chicken Oil, proven na po yan.

  • tangina mo arte mo gago social climber

  • Sana po tinagalog mo na lang kase ang dami mong grammar and conventions errors. 😀 Ano pa man…the best padin ang Mang Inasal. Wag kana ulit kakain doon. Yun lang solution para sayo hahaha

  • This isn’t a mang inasal phenomenon. This is how chicken inasal is eaten in bacolod, the chicken oil made from the oil the inasal produces when cooking.

  • Arte arte! Eh mas unhealthy nga yung salty rice tsaka maitim na yun!

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