Jollibee Hot Chocolate

Got it as per service crew suggestion. I am always taking hot coffee in the morning. An occasional change is not bad. I also thought it might be nice to compare my very own product with commercially available counterpart from time to time. I can determine if mine is as good, better or needs improvement.

jollibee hot chocolateWhenever I prepare my very own hot chocolate, I feel a slight powdery texture on my tongue. I observe few dot specs and watercolor-like streak on cup sides. Never mind the watercolor-like streaks but the dot specs are serious matter. Mine, before had so many. It was rough on tongue and feel like rubbing sand against my throat. I worked hard and got the expensive solution. I am quite satisfied to see the dot specs of two products are both very few.

Mine is comparable in terms of mouth-feel and finest, but, needs more improvement on flavor. I know the process to improve the flavor and I need to work hard again for it.


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