The Karate Kid Restaurant Experience….

Karate Kid, a title befitting a man expert in Martial Arts, specifically in practice of karate.

So what do I think when I see a karate kid mascot in front of establishment door? It is a Karate Gym. A place where Karate experts and wannabees hone their skills.

karate kid mascotkarate kid japanese fast foodOhh! Don’t get me wrong here. This establishment with a Karate Kid signboard was not a gym. It is a fast food restaurant. See the small handwriting words!. It says “Japanese Fast Food”.

The two of us are terribly hungry so we are going to eat. For the order, we got a meal for two. Two cups rice, two bottomless ice teas and a plate of beef teriyaki with vegetables. One cup rice for each of us is obviously not enough but it won’t be a problem. It’s bottomless too. A man is roaming around on regular basis to do rice and drink refill.

beef teriyaki and two rice servingsa cloudy ice teaThe hard part is the chop stick. I didn’t expect that they are giving chop sticks instead of spoon and fork. Anyway, learning how to use chopstick is not a bad experience. It is a karate kid restaurant and I should feel like a martial art expert too.

bamboo chopstickI felt like I am eating in Tokyo Tokyo but it was a completely different experience in the end. We got a bottomless, cloudy and sweeter ice tea and beef teriyaki with a milder taste.

I finished two ice tea refills and two rice  servings. My right hand got achy while using the chopsticks. Felt like a child that was learning how to eat on his own. I needed to bring my mouth near the cup to avoid falling foods on table.  This made me dizzy cause I have a farsighted eye.

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