KFC Fully Loaded Meal

kfc fully loaded meal

Fully loaded meal? I was still thinking about my order but it was already my turn. I never wanted the persons behind me to wait long, neither the crew. I chose it as it was the first I saw. It seemed by brain thinking got slower due to hunger. Maybe people doesn’t really care much about what they eat when hungry. This was it. Time to chow!

kfc fully loaded meal

One rice serving that I never felt bulge in my tummy. The Tokyo Tokyo and Mang Inasal never fail to get me full with their unli rice treat. It was fine. Too much rice is also not healthy. The fried chicken leg which is equal in size did what the rice failed to do.

thin kfc mushroom soup

Next were the mushroom soup and coleslaw salad. The latter is my favorite choice wherever it is available. I am trying to avoid the mashed potato. It often smells like close to spoilage even if it is not. Mushroom soup lacked thickness. I guessed this was an isolated case. It is usually thick.

kfc colselaw

Next was the chocolate bread? What should I call this one? The inside appearance is similar to cupcake but it is square. A square sponge cake? I felt short on this thing. I really liked the strong and bitter chocolate taste.

chocolate bread

Another committed crime to myself. I drank cola again! Plain water is always my first choice. Honestly!

I think it was the first time I resisted taking a dip with their gravy. It was good. I tried it so many times. However, it is one of the worst companion of gout attack. I should stay away from it.

unopened kfc gravey

I was 75% percent full after the meal.


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