Milka Krem Blueberry Yogurt

I thought Philippine Carabao Center was in our itinerary. Too bad, it was not. Hmm…! It was not as bad as I thought. We dropped via their front yogurt store.

The main attraction was of course, lots and lots of yogurt. The cafeteria also serves brewed coffee. What’s the point in ordering it? We were here for the carabao’s milk. The coffee is no way will be a product of carabao. The thing we should get were either yogurt, fresh milk, or ice cream. A coffee with carabao’s milk may do however.  Sir Jay was fast enough to buy a yogurt bottle enough for four of us. We never bought other things and became contented with the delicious dairy product. Hmm… delicious!

milka krem blueberry yogurtmilka krem blueberry yogurt in cupI asked if I could see some carabaos. It was only natural for me to asked that thing. We were in the vicinity of Philippine Carabao Center. Sir replied, the rearing area was too far from our position. Instead, we toured at the dairy equipment displays. No pictures gathered however, the viewing glass was too blurred for taking images.

We planned on taking home some yogurt. It didn’t worked out well. The day was too hot on our way home. It will surely get spoiled on the way.

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