Remembering The Ice Cream Diet

She stopped and asked me if I wanted some ice cream. I said, I want a cone. Ohh! It was a wrong call, she was asking our son, not me. I revised my words, I want a cone too.

scoopery ice cream logo

The cold, sweet and creamy ice cream. Who am I to resist?

a hand serving ice cream

The cone filled with ice cream made me remember when I was in college working as student assistant. I often went to mall every payday. I was buying any of the following; maong pants, T-shirt, shorts, shoes and any other useful stuff for my study. My monthly salary for 100 hours work was 1,000 pesos. I could only afford one stuff per stroll.

I was trying to save every peso as much as possible. And because I was saving, the ice cream in cone was my favorite buy. I was treating myself with it during lunch. A 32 pesos buy versus over 100 pesos if I chose a full pledge restaurant instead.

I almost forgot, I was filling my tummy with home-cooked foods before going to department store.

It seems he likes it very much!

our son eating ice cream


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