Stop by: Rice in a Box

I was disappointed. I installed a new harddisk to my laptop but was not able to get it working. I declared it defective after almost three hours of trying. I have bought many disk before and it was my first time getting a defective one. I went back to components store to secure a replacement.

I was able to get a replacement after one hour of waiting. The crew also tried to get the component working but failed. They eventually gave a replacement. I brought my lappy that time so I tested it immediately. It worked and I went home.

Wait! I can’t go home with an empty stomach. I never brought a car so the way home was expected to be longer. Transferring from one passenger to another plus the heavy traffic.

The Rice in a Box. A small fast food chain in front of SM Dasmarinas Supermarket.

The business idea is literal. They are serving various food menus packed in a box. If you are in a hurry, drop by and get a ready packed meal. If you want it really hot, wait a while and the crew will cook a serving just for you. If a boxed food is not comfortable for you, plates are available. Your order will be served on plate.

rbx front

Its a beef teriyaki.  The bottom layer is a yellow rice, the next is veggies, then beef. The top layer is sweet and sour sauce.

rice in a box beef teriyaki

Eating here is perfect for Cowboy Bebop like me.

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