Unlimited Rice and Tea to All

This was not the first time I ate at Karate Kid Restaurant. I am hoping it was not the last.

After finishing the tea, she called the waiter and asked for refill. The waiter smiled. After a few moment, he grabbed the tea pitcher, came near to us and said, “Mam, your order was regular tea, the bottomless is the smaller glass”.

It was a bit embarrassing! I still remember the scenario at Mang Inasal. A man seemed very hungry and finished one rice serving in a jiffy. He called the waiter for another rice cup but the crew told him his order was a regular. The guy never said another word. He finished his meal and walked away. Perhaps he went to another restaurant to fill his angry belly.

Who know about the smaller and bigger glass thing? Who know which is the bottomless option? A big poster is posted beside the counter saying bottomless ice tea and unlimited rice but not specified which meals have the privileged for these promos. Uhhmm, the crews know this very well and will bring the rice and tea near to you saying your meal is just regular and not unlimited.

A tag reminding the customer that his order is entitled or not for unlimited option would be very helpful. Or, emphasize it to every customer before taking the order.

Why not make the bottomless tea available to all customers. It is just instant powder and water anyway. The same is thru for rice. Average people only eat 1 1/2 cup rice and rarely 3. I am sure it would drive more customers in.

We never asked for another rice serving for the fear that our orders were not entitled for unlimited rice.


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