Finding Restaurant That Serve Vegetable as Main Dish

After three major gout attacks, I felt I really need to tighten my belt. Focus more on fruits and vegetables. Eat less meat, no to artificial beverages and other junk foods. Even the consumption of polished rice should be trimmed down considerably.

You think it is hard? Yet it is? I crave for rice whenever I eat less. I crave whenever I replaced it for something else. I could hardly convince myself I am full when eating apple, bread, bananas or melon instead. It seems the meal is not complete without rice and meat dish. It is even more difficult when close relatives always want to eat something not fit for me.

It is difficult at home and also difficult outside. If I am going to rely on foods at fast food chains. Then I risk on having gout attack again in no time.

I roamed around for a check. I wanted to see if there are restaurant in town that serve veggies as main dish. As I stopped via each restaurant, I inspected carefully their menu lines hoping to find something fit. On the average, fast food chains are serving five chicken menus, two pork menus, two beef menus and one seafood. Hmmm… a rare seafood restaurant is an exception. Serve veggie salads in small amount as side dishes. The common is coleslaw salad. Vegetables are often included in meat dishes. However, judging from the amount, they are there for adornment purpose, not to balance customer’s nutrition.

In the end, I got hungry and ordered food with beef meat. I believed it would give me less worries than pork.


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