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Reduction of Acrylamide in Potatoes, Bread and Coffee.

If acrylamide contents of food products worries you, then the following might help minimize it in every food preparation you make. It specifically point to potatoes, bread and coffee but could also be applied to other related products. Frying produces the highest acrylamide content, followed by roasting, then baking. Boiling and microwaving whole potatoes doe […]

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Effects of Acrylamide Found in Starchy Foods (Crisp, Chips, Potatoes)

crispy potato chips

Did you know that cooking at higher temperatures such as frying might produced dangerous substances? One of the chemicals produce at higher temperature is the acrylamide. Crisp, chips, bread, crisp bread and other starchy foods cooked at higher temperature contain this substance. Acrylamide causes cancer in animals. The probability that it might also cause cancer […]

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