Eating Tuko /Tokay Gecko Can Cure Aids and Cancer : Some Scientific Evidences?

Ever since the news about tuko/ tokay gecko started bombarding the television screens and ran through mouth and ears, I have been searching for some facts or scientific studies which can prove its potency.

I made a post regarding regarding tokay gecko and updating it regularly every time I get some fresh information. Many users are leaving comments asking if it is really a cure for such diseases, if someone is really buying and how much is the trading cost.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Bureau (PAWB) warned the public that tuko belongs to wildlife classification. Its collection, rearing, trade, eating and usage as medicine are deemed illegal. Anyone caught doing the illegal deed will be prosecuted with the full extent of the law.

The Department fo Health (DOH), doctors and other health professionals are claiming that tucko as cure for AIDS, cancer and other chronic diseases is not true and not supported by any scientific evidences. Their statements is in accordance to rule of science,”Anything without scientific explanations are not true”. Any claims should be supported by costly studies from prominent people.

The national Bureau of Investigation (NBI) conducted a preliminary investigation about the tucko trade. They never found anyone who was really cured by tuko, anyone who actually sold tokay, and anyone who actually bought. They added the tokay news is probably a hoax or a form of scam.

Then Ridge posted several comments about it: He stated the lizards have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousand of years. He added that blood of aligators and some reptiles have antibiotic components called peptides. Certain antibiotic peptides found in alligator blood can kill drug resistant bacteria such as methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA and even the HIV virus (or other virus like RNA that attack human T-cells) which are usually associated with aids. To Give example, The recently approved diabetes drug known as Byetta is largely based on the chemical structure of a Gila monster’s saliva – it belong to lizard family.

To read more about Ridge comments and the links he provided, visit Tokay Gecko, Tuko, As Cure For AIDS and Cancer?.

update as of july 24, 2011

More than 250 grams tokay gecko are able to produce the substance called tri-hexapentaphenicol – the curing substance.

PAWB – there are no tuko in the Philippines which weigh more than 200 grams. They consulted several biologist and scientist about this matter.