Eating Tilapia is Worse than Eating Bacon

Tilapia! It is not our favorite fish. It is affordable. It is a fish but no disagreeable fishy smell. Easy to clean, both entrails and scales. Easy to eat, as meat separates easily from bones. Quick cooking. And ultimately, it taste good. It is not our favorite fish but our habit is contradicting.

We cannot feast on meat, especially pork. We often resort to fruits and vegetables and fish as protein source. However, it seems our fish choice is worse than pork meat according to studies. I heard it several times already. Not once, not twice.

Last heard from Aksyon TV. A study conducted by Wake Forest University and published by American Dietetic Association found this out. Tilapia has more bad omega 6 fatty acid than beneficial omega 3. The combination may cause inflammation resulting to heart disease, arthritis and asthma. It is worse than eating bacon, as mentioned.

This bad news is not blamed on fish itself but how they are grown nowadays. Most traded tilapia are raised inside fish pens and ponds. Given specially formulated feeds and supplement to reach maximum size in the shortest possible time. Kinda similar to pig fattener and broiler chickens.

I see beyond omega 6. The tilapia we are consuming are loaded with artificial feeds, antibiotics, growth promotants, supplements and other chemicals of unknown safety.

Philippine is the 5th largest producer of tilapia globally.

Eating a Raw Gummy Bacon?

Bacon cannot be eaten raw. In fact, bacon are pre-cooked during processing. Then it needs a little frying or grilling before serving. It can be eaten as is, as viand, as replacement for or addition to hamburger patties, as ingredient of spread, as hotdog barbecue wrap and many more. raw gummy bacon

During ancient time, people used to eat raw meat but learned to cooked it after the discovery of fire (according to history). History will never be reverted back because raw meat sucks! I am sure that cats and dogs will also cook meat foods if they can.

Another wacky edible from ThinkGeek, an edible raw bacon. These product makes eating of raw bacon possible. It is good for bullying or scaring your friends.

I wonder how it tastes like!

This gummy bacon is made of sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, pectin, water, sorbitol, malic acid, citric acid, monosodium citrate, artificial straberry flavor, titanum dioxide, red 40, blue 1, yellow 5 and potassium sorbate. Based on these ingredients, I can say that it is similar to fruit leathers.

Liquid Smoke for Making Bacon

I have an article about how to make liquid smoke. Real smoke can be applied directly to products but some are not suitable for the process.

Liquid smoke can be used as an ingredient to sausages in smoke impermeable casings in order to achieve a certain degree of smoke flavour. As impermeable casings do not allow the penetration of gaseous smoke, liquid smoke can be added to the sausage mix during the manufacturing process.

This process is using liquid smoke for bacon making instead of applying the real one. Liquid version has some advantages. It can be applied directly as an ingredient. Ease of use. Showering the product with liquid smoke is more effective. And less waste of materials because excess can be reused.

Enjoy watching ! Please report if broken!

The manufacturer of this bacon should state liquid smoke as their ingredients. On the other hand, smoke as ingredient is not necessary if real smoke will be used for cooking.