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When the Spore Forming Bacteria is Advantageous?

The article entitled, “The advantages of spore forming bacteria is quite intriguing”. My college studies were telling me they were spoilage microorganisms, toxin producing and relatively hard to kill. Those characteristics are advantageous to microorganisms itself but not to manufacturers and consumers. The spore forming bacteria a.k.a. the endospore forming bacteria are able to convert […]

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Bacterial Causes of Meat Food Poisoning

left over meat

Salmonella are the best known and most feared type of bacteria. They can lead to a great number of food poisonings such as vomiting, diarrhoea, typhoid fever. It belong to the Enterobacteriaceae family. Heating to a temperature of 68°C will kill salmonella bacteria reliably; storage temperatures of below 4°C inhibit their growth. Have been primarily […]

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Water Activity of Meat Products and Limiting Values for Microbial Growth


Water activity ( aw) is the term for the amount of free (not chemically or physically bound) water, which is available for the growth of microorganisms. This information is particularly important, as higher amounts of free water favour the growth of microorganisms, while lower amounts (drier products) result in less microbial growth. Bacteria usually require […]

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