Banana Peels, Brown Spots, Lutein, Serotonin and Cancer


I heard humors about banana peels having brown to black patches may cause cancer. The more spots it gets the more dangerous it becomes.

yellow banana brown spots on skinDu? How come?

Authenticity of the following could not be guaranteed.

Banana peel is not dangerous and indeed has good effects. It is good for the eye and helps fight depression.

Boiling banana peels and drinking the cooled water is recommended. It is reach in serotonin and lutein. Serotonin is a mood balancing chemical that eases depression. Lutein is an antioxidant that prevents eye damage.

The flesh has the anti-cancer effect, not the peel.

Japanese professor said, yellow skin bananas with dark spots are eight times more effective in fighting cancer than green skin varieties. Bananas produces the substance called TNF, tumor necrosis factor. The riper the banana, the more TNF it produce and  the more effective it becomes.

Further reading is not necessary as other articles are pointing to the same Japanese study.

In postharvest point of view. Brown spots in banana peels may indicate occurrence of disease, but not necessarily rendering it unfit for human consumption. On the other hand, bananas in perfect condition will still produce brown spots as it ripens. It increase as the fruit ripens until it reaches the full brown, saggy and inedible stage.

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update: Eating Overripe Bananas

How to Make Banana Peel and Onion Crackers

Banana Peel Crackers

1) Choose ripe latundan banana. Eat and set aside the peels for later use. Refrigeration will allow longer storage life. Peels of latundan banana are ideal for this purpose, thin and slightly astringent. I tried using saba banana peels. The peels are thick and has strong astringent taste – sobrang pakla.

hand of ripe latundan banana

2) Cut the peels according to size preference.

banana peel strips

3) Beat egg in a separate bowl. Add salt and black pepper to taste. Other flavors such as barbecue and chili maybe added.

beaten egg with salt and black pepper

4) Dip banana peel strips in beaten egg then roll well on flour.

banana peel strips rolled on flour

5) Heat oil over medium heat. Fry the banana peel strips until golden brown. Serve.

banana peel crackers

Onion Crackers

1) Get onions. Remove the dried scales. Then separate each scale by hand. Or cut into half and separate scales.

2) Follow steps 2 to 4 of banana peel crackers.

3) Heat oil over a low flame. Fry until onion pieces float. Do not over fry. Raw onion scale is crunchy already. Long frying will soften the onions.

onion crackers