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The Boiled Saba Banana

boiled saba banana with a bite

I have been wondering why I can eat two ripe saba banana without feeling anything. On the other hand one boiled and I feel so full. It has something to do with the water and starch content I think. With heat and water, starch in bananas coagulates resulting in increased weight and firmer texture. That’s […]

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Banana Peel Has High Dopamine Content

When preparing fruits and vegetables, it is recommended to peel as thin as possible to conserve nutrients. They are more concentrated toward the peels. The thicker outside covering removed, the more nutrients gone to waste. Some vegetables are normally peeled but opting not also works. In such cases, cooking/eating them as is, is a good […]

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Eating Overripe Bananas


Our love for banana lead us to a ridiculous innovation. Whenever we had, we check it very open until ripe. To be more specific, we often check it until 90% yellow. Its flesh was still hard and taste a bit astringent. What we do next was rolling it hardly in between hands until soft. Then, […]

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34.78 Tons Bananas Gone as Compost

Getting product reject is one of the worse case that might happen. Well, it cannot be helped. Even after all the careful and strict practices, substandard products can only be minimized but not avoided. If the product under reject status simply does not comform to specifications and no threat to human health. Then, it can […]

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