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Ang Inarnibal na Saging

What do you expect if the fruit is not popular? It tend to get more rejection than acceptance. Rejection without even trying. Many are snubbing it for the fear that it might be dangerous, a poison or something. It might not taste good and only result to waste of money. The same thing is happening […]

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Effects of HWD, Hot Water Dip, on Postharvest Quality of Saba and Latundan Banana

The method used. Dipping bananas in hot water, 47-49°C for ten minutes. Then stored normal condition. Chilling experiment was also done, stored at 8-10°C for 8 to 10 days. HWD was able to reduce finger rot and anthracnose infection. No drastic effect on fruit ripening under normal surrounding up to six days. Saba bananas turned […]

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