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Try: Skip Bean Roasting


For the reason so many beans are wasted. Many of them actually have good nibs (broken, halves, shells off). However, they are likely to get burnt when roasted together with selected batches. I am throwing them all away with little hesitation. For the reason, there are small chocolate makers who are successful in winnowing raw […]

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A Very Slow Bean Sorting Process

While I am struggling to speed up most of the bean to bar chocolate process, this very first step is a long shot. The bean selection. I thought a bean quick scan was enough. I was gravely mistaken. A noticeable effect was on grinding equipment. It was creating a noisy irritating sound every time a […]

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Roasting The Beans

good fermented cacao beans

Roasting converts the nicely fermented beans to a awesome smelling and tasting nibs. Roasting has three purposes, flavor development, sterilization and loosening up the nibs prior to winnowing. There are several style of doing it but all of them follow the same general rule, keep the beans rolling at temperature of 90 to 135 degrees […]

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The Light Roasted Coffee Bean Crackers

A group of thesis student was tinkering near the coffee roasting machine. They were testing the newly modified micro-controller and at the same time evaluating the performance of the whole machine. The recommended roasting time for most roasting machine is 17 minutes for a specified temperature, +/- depending on desired roasting degree. However, something odd was happening. […]

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