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Why use wine, brandy etc… for cooking?

Drink wine moderately. It’s good for health in moderate amounts. Causes temporary insanity if too much is taken. Causes organ failures if too much is taken everyday. In cooking, addition of little alcohol is good, too much might ruin the dish. Many recipes actually call for it! Why? 1) Adds flavor. The alcoholic taste if […]

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Philippine Standard for Wine, Beer, Brandy, Vodka and Whiskey

Basically, there are six types of wine. 1. Dry, Semi-dry and Sweet wine 2. Fortified and Unfortified wine 3. Sparkling wine, Still wine (effervescent of non-effervescent) and carbonated wine 4. Red and white wines 5. Special or Medicinal wines 6. Basi Standard Specifications for Wine Wine . The product made from natural alcoholic fermentation of […]

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