Why Do We Hate Using Brown Sugar?


We have been using this white sugar ever since I was a kid. We use sugar in coffee, ice tea, fruit juices and desserts. Most of the commercially available products use this kind of sugar.

Other sugar and sugar substitute are available, like brown sugar, muscovado, coconut sugar, kaong sugar, aspartame, honey and stevia. By the way, stevia is a sweet herb.

Why do we hate using brown sugar?

1. Using white sugar is a tradition. A custom that is pass through generations.

2. Brown sugar looks ugly. White sugar is more pleasant looking.

3. Imparts color to food. Imagine milk, fruit salad and guyabano juice sweetend with white sugar.All of this will have a brownish appearance.

4. Dirty or have impurities. From time to time I encounter small pieces of sugar cane stalk. I even find small stones and insects. Brown sugar is similar to crude oil, a mixture of many components. I remember drinking a palamig with a red ant. How disgusting!

5. Tastes sour. It makes my favorite cup of tea sour. Refining purifies it, removing any impurities, acidity and color.

Please share your opinions!