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Bubod Pineapple Wine Final Update

After over three weeks time. I visited the bubod pineapple wine trial again. No bubble formations observed. It ceased, signalling fermentation end. The smell. The aroma was like a strong wine. The taste. It had a good wine taste, a taste resembling fruit cider. It was good if not too sour. Well, it is good […]

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The Old Bubod Viability Update

a continuation of my previous experiment… After seven days. I accidentally noticed that the PET bottle where I filled the mixture of pineapple juice, old bubod and sugar was beginning to bulge. Perhaps the bubod yeast began feeding on sugar and producing carbon dioxide. Maybe I closed the cap too tight that gas was building […]

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Using Bubod To Make Fruit Wines

Can I use bubod for fruit wine making? Hmm… Lets do some analysis. Here is a simple tapuy making procedure. 1) Boil balatinaw (a variety of red rice) in a large wok until cooked. 2) Cool and arrange in a wooven bamboo tray, bilao. 3) Sprinkle with powdered bubod. Cover with fresh banana leaves and […]

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