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How Rice is Wasted?

According to Department of Agriculture – Agriculture and Fisheries Information Service (DA-AFIS), every Filipino is wasting two tablespoons rice. The whole wastage is equivalent to 1.7 million kilograms which is enough to feed 2.7 million people. How rice is wasted? The following except for the last were solely based on my assumptions. Natural Calamities. Tons […]

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NFA Rice With Bukbok and Mold: They Never Know Proper Rice Handling And Storage

The NFA rice in Bulacan Warehouse is being infested by bukbok and molds. A concerned farmer reported it to GMA7 24 oras. Other NFA warehouses in Bulacan have the same problem. Those are stocks that were imported from Vietam during the leadership of former President Gloria  Macapagal Arroyo. NFA stated that rice could not be […]

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