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Drying Coffee Beans On Patio

It was raining while driving, light and intermittent. Manageable but the road was slippery and the strike of rain drops was hurting my face so we took it slow. On our way to destination and back home, we noticed several coffee beans laid on road side. The purpose is obvious. Set them dry and ready […]

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A Batch of Beans In Question…

bean cut test bad good

I have been tinkering with this batch of beans for quite a while now. It is by no doubt fermented but has no acidic smell. I hate to describe it but it is slightly similar to dried cow dung. I never like its unroasted flavor either. It taste like chocolate but the fruitiness is missing. […]

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Cocoa Butter Leaks

cocoa butter tray marks

Why are all the trays dirty right before using. I need to wipe them hard with damp towel every time. I am sure, I have never used it on any other purpose except roasting dried and fermented cacao beans. Stacking and storing them dry right after every operation. Still, they are dirty before every roasting. […]

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Cacao Bean Embryo Removal

I have been doing my best to make my product the best as possible. However, my best always seems not enough. Through reading, I am always finding a better technique to experiment on. A possible way to improve it further. Recently, I read a post in A man asking about removing the bean radicle […]

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