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Juice From Cocoa Bean Pulp…

I think the idea is unique and interesting. A new use for cacao. It could be a hit as people might find it interesting. Or maybe not. There are too many availabe juice variants on grocery shelves. Cacao pod is similar to santol at some point. The seeds are covered with juicy delicious mucilage. People […]

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Microwave Pure Chocolate Melting

partially melted an chopped

This is just a microwave melting procedure for pure chocolate block. I mean pure, no added ingredients like sugar, milk and lecithin. You may tweak this to suite tempering procedure. The kind of very strict heating and cooling procedure to achieve a shiny appearance and nice snap. I have a tempering procedure of my own. […]

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Raw Chocolate, Are You In?

Bean-to-bar, artisinal or craft chocolate is a minimalist way of chocolate processing. Done in small batches, adding minimal ingredients, oftentimes a little cane sugar. It preserves, improves and highlights original bean flavor, contrary to what commercial scale manufacturer does. If you are a craft chocolate lover, you’ll probably noticing taste noise every batch. For me, […]

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