Corn Camote Turon

Mga Sangkap
1 tasang corn flour
2 dalwang tasang nilagang camote, dinurog
1 tasang gatas, condensada
4 kutsarang margarina, tinunaw
25 pirasong pambalot ng lumpia
1 tasang asukal

1 cup corn flour
2 cups boiled kamote, mashed
1 cup milk, condensed
4 tablespoons margarine, melted
25 pieces lumpia wrapper
1 cup sugar

Paraan ng Pagluluto
1) Haluing mabuti ang kamote, corn flour, gatas at margarina sa isang lalagyan.
2) Maglagay ng isang kutsara sa pambalot ng lumpia at i-rolyo.
3) Pagulungin sa asukal at iprito sa lubog na mantika hanggang sa pumula.

Cooking Procedure
1) Mix well mashed kamote, corn flour, condensed milk and melted margarine.
2) Place one tablespoon of mixture on lumpia wrapper and fold neatly.
3) Roll on sugar and deep fry until golden brown, an appearance similar to cooked banana cue.

mashing kamote

adding corn flour

corn camote turon rolled on sugar

corn kamote turon

A recipe included in the Department of Agriculture 2013 Calendar. The original tile is Corn Turon.

Pointers and Myths While Experiencing Common Colds and Cough

Do not drink cold water. Your colds never stops because you continue to drink cold water. Mom and others is always telling me the previous sentence whenever I catch colds. I heard from conversation that virus and bacteria love cold conditions. They multiply fast whenever a glass of ice cold water pass through the mouth. Maybe true and may be not. However, I am experiencing hard to stop cough and a runny nose whenever the weather gets very cold at night or I am inside an air conditioned room.

Get enough sleep and rest. Perhaps you have been noticing, we often catch colds and cough whenever we are sleep deprived. It is obvious that our immune system is going down. Go to bed early to get enough sleep and rest.

Drink plenty of water. There is no real medicine for common colds. Not sure if it still holds true until now! Doctor’s advise is to drink plenty of water and get enough rest.

Do not eat sugary foods. Simply because sugar increases mucus production. The more mucus the more liquid sent to throat and more coughing. Different websites have different opinion about this. Taking honey as cough cure contradicts this matter.

Do not eat camote/sweet potato. I laughed loudly about this. I ate boiled camote and suffered too much coughing few hours after. Maybe it was just a coincidence.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. Do not try to endure it for too long. Expert advice and prescription will help a lot.

update as of June 29, 2012. Please see “What not to take when having dry cough| Doctor’s Advice“.

Update: Tawa Tawa and Ginger Extract can Kill Dengue Virus

fresh tawa tawa herb

The initial study result about tawa tawa herb was very promising. And there is more, the spicy ginger gave a promising result too. Laboratory trials showed that 99 percent of dengue viral plaque can be killed by tawawa extract. Ginger extract can kill 56 percent. For the advancement, it will be tested in animals.

Other medicinal herbs included in the study are:

centella / takip suso/ takip kuhol

The study is being done by the Saint Lukes Medical Center through the funding of the Department of Science and technology (DOST).

The Department of Health (DOH) stated: Taking tawa tawa herb as dengue cure is not yet recommended. It is still best to go to hospital as early as possible for treatment.

The Protein Enriched Camote / Sweet Potato

Camote is considered the World’s Healthiest food. Read the Camote Health Benefits, The World’s Healthiest Food. However, camote is not a rich protein source.

I read from the BAR Research and Development Digest (April – June 2005 issue), the healthy camote can be healthier. Camote could be a rich protein source. It is not a genetically modified organisms and it is not dependent on variety either. It can be a rich protein source by means of fermentation.

It is stated that fermented camote is good for raising hogs and tilapia and resulted in a significant lower inputs.

I am interested on how it can be done. How to ferment sweet potato. I spent several hours searching an found only the possible microorganisms. At least I found a hint.

In a study of AK Onifade, HN Atum and TT Adebolu  – Nutrient Enrichment of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) by Solid Substrate Fermentation Using four fungal species.

The four fungal species used are:
– Aspergillus niger
– Rhizopus stolonifer
– Neurospora sitophila
– Saccharomyces cerevisiae

The protein content of the samples increased significantly (p£0.05) from 2.34±0.07% in the unfermented tuber to values ranging from 11.46±0.01 and 12.62±0.09% in the fermented tuber and 6.26±0.05% in the unfermented flour to values ranging from 7.83±0.06 and 9.70± 0.02 in the fermented flour. Aspergillus niger seemed to be the best microorganisms for fermented camote.

camote cubes

Making Hubad Na Lumpiang Sariwa – From Talipapa Premix

She cooked this dish for the second time. I really like its taste. I just called it hubad na lumpiang sariwa cause my wife was too lazy to wrap it.


toge – munggbean sprouts, unknown quantity, sliced
camote, unknown quantity, sliced
sayote, unknown quantity, sliced
carrots, unknown quantity, sliced
singkamas, unknown quantity, sliced
snap beans, unknown quantity, sliced
one onion, sliced
one clove garlic, minced
vegetable oil
salt to taste


1) Saute onion and garlic over low flame. Again, a slow saute for at least five minutes until you can smell the delicious taste of garlic and onion.
2) Add toge, camote, carrots, sayote, singkamas and snap beans. Mix continuously for five minutes.
4) Add salt to taste and remove from fire immediately. Crunchy veggies has better eating quality than fully cooked / overcooked.
5) Serve.

lumpiang hubad gulay

Notice that measurement of toge, camote, sayote, carrots, singkamas and snap beans are unknown. I really don’t know the exact measure of each ingredients and I am not willing to know. The ingredients are premix, meaning they are ready to cook. She bought it from public market / talipapa for 15 pesos per 1/4 kilo. Cheap and very convenient. Cutting are done by the sellers. Buying individual components is costly.

Based from my observation, those premix vegetables (lumpiang sariwa and pinakbet) are made from rejects. Yes they are indeed from rejects. I often saw merchants trimming away parts with worms and cracks.

Throwing away rejects will be a considerable amount of waste. Trimming and keeping the good part is great solution. There is no harm consuming vegetables half-eaten by worms. In fact, worms could be an indication a pesticide free commodity.

P.S. Rinse well before cooking!

Camote Health Benefits, The World’s Healthiest Food

yellow camote

I watched a movie scene where a lady dug camote and ate it raw. Camote can really be eaten raw. The lady ate camote because she had no other food to  eat.

yellow camote

Today, camote should be part of diet even if you have more money to buy or prepare expensive dishes. Camote is the world’s healthiest food, this is according to statement of North Athlantic Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging. The tuber is indeed healthy due to following reasons.

1) An energy food because of high carbohydrate contents. It can replace rice in diet. But Filipinos cannot do the switch because we are rice eating country. For me and others, a  bread breakfast will not suffice.

2) Good for diabetics. It helps stabilize blood sugar levels by increasing adiponectin, an important factor of insulin metabolism. It has moderate glycemic index of 50.

3) High in dietary fiber and low fat content. Good for the heart and tummy. Fibers help reduce bad cholesterol and ease bowel movement.

4) Deep colored yellow camote contains lutein and beta carotene. Antioxidants to prevent rapid aging and maintain good eyesight. Eat yellow camote instead of taking eye supplement.

5) Have lots of essential minerals and vitamins. Manganese, copper, potassium, iron, Vitamin – E, C, B6, B2, and A. Its like a combination of  rice and vegetables in a single package.  But eating camote repeatedly is boring, have an alternate or try to mix it with other healthy foods.

6) An effective detoxifying agent. It adsorb heavy metals and take it out of the system. Metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury accumulate in our body due to consumption of commercially processed foods. They should be taken out before harming any tissues.