Yet Another Herbal Cure for Dengue Virus

I downloaded five free food biochemistry publications. I think those five are good enough as choices. My professor is going to approve one for my oral report.

Among the five articles, I prefer the one talking about the vegetable which is able to fight dengue viral infection.

This illness is a global problem and so far no real drug has been established as cure. The popular alternative medicine is the tawa tawa or gatas gatas. No sufficient studies yet about its efficacy. It could not be recommended by authorities and could not be packaged by pharmaceutical companies.

The publised article is entitled: The Inhibitory Actions of Houttuynia Cordata
Aqueous Extract on Dengue Virus and
Dengue-Infected Cells

by: vijittra leardkamolkarn , wipawan sirigulpanit1, chayakom phurimsak,
supeecha kumkate, lukana himakoun and bungorn sripanidkulchai

The short ABSTRACT as I read.

The antiviral activities of Houttuynia cordata (H. cordata) aqueous extract against
dengue virus serotype 2 (DEN-2), strain 16681, were evaluated in this study. The
results showed that pre- and post-incubation of H. cordata extract (10–100 µg/mL)
with HepG2 cells significantly reduced intracellular DEN-2 RNA production corre-
lating with the decrease in dengue protein expression. In the direct blocking mode,
the extract bound with DEN-2 and strongly inhibited the intracellular viral RNA
replication with an effective dose (EC50) of 0.8 µg/mL. Concentrations as low as
10–40 µg/mL of H. cordata extract also exhibited protective effect on virion release
from infected LLC-MK2 cells. High-performance liquid chromatography analysis of
H. cordata extract indicated that hyperoside was the predominant bioactive com-
pound, and was likely to play a role in this inhibition. The extract was also shown to
have no genotoxic effect on human blood cells.

The article is a 6-pages pdf document. Most terms are technical and cannot be understand easily by an average person like me. However, it is clearly stated that  Houttuynia cordata (lizard tail or chameleon plant) is effective in fighting dengue virus.

The complete study copy can be found on Wiley Online Library.

Based on wikipedia, the vegetable looks like this.

lizard tail chameleon plant