Corn Grits Champorado

1 cup corn grits
6 cups water
5 tablets cacao
1/2 cup refined sugar
200 ml evaporated milk

Cooking Instructions:
Wash corn grits. Add water in a casserole. Boil and stir thoroughly until corn grits cook well. Add cacao and mix, boil again over low fire setting. Add sugar, then mix. Add evaporada and stir. Serve hot.

corn grits champorado

The Ginatan and Coconut Milk Flavored Champorado

It seems like an ordinary breakfast meal. A champorado made of glutenous rice, brown sugar, milk and natural tabliya. However, there was something different in this recipe, coconut milk is used instead of regular evaporated cow’s milk.

Coconut milk can be a good dairy milk substitute as stated in this article, “Coconut Milk as Dairy Milk Substitute? Others point of views”.

Start eating while still hot. The creamy coconut taste will lingers in mouth as the meal cools. It’s a completely different meal experience.

There are three ways to do this.

1) Grate coconut. Extract the milk by cold press or centrifuge. Add the milk to hot champorado before serving.

2) The two above mentioned equipment are rarely available. The kakang gata or the thick extract is a good alternative. Add lukewarm water to shredded coconut. Mash it well and extract the milk by pressing a handful between palms. Add the milk to hot champorado before serving.

3) Extract the shredded coconut using lukewarm water twice. Prepare champorado using the procedure, “How to Make Champorado Using Native Chocolate/Tabliya” but replace water with coconut milk.

coconut milk flavored champoradoIt looks like a tsokolate e but it’s a real champorado with coconut milk.