Using Joy Charcoal Stove Indoor

She was about to cook a meal for dinner when the lpg tank got empty. How unfortunate! It was raining badly. My persistent cough and cold were almost cured. I never wanted running under the rain and found myself worst again.

Good thing we have the charcoal stove. I am occasionally using it for roasting meat and fish outside. I think using it indoor was not a good idea. It was going to produce lots of smoke. Smoke that might stain our interior and appliances with prolong use.

I still had to resort to using charcoal stove. My health was the priority. Got some leftover charcoal from mom’s wood stove. Fill the charcoal stove reservoir to almost full and started the fire with pieces of scratch papers. Smoke, which I was worrying about came out. It didn’t matter as long as we have meal for dinner.

I placed on the cauldron of rice first. The smoke emission continued for about five minutes but ceased eventually as I turned the air inlet closer. Well, it is just a matter of practice to prevent it from staining our house.

I managed cooking rice, rice milk and reheating the vegetable dish. Almost one fourth of the charcoal load was left. I closed the air inlet and covered it to save the remaining for the next cooking.

rice cauldron on charcoal stoverice milk on charcoal stoveI am thinking of using it more often.

Eating Charcoal to Relieve Stomach Pain

Eating charcoal! Anyone?

kakawate wood charcoalYou never want it but perhaps you are eating it unintentionally. From street foods, isaw, dugo and adidas. Those street foods are roasted over hot wood ember.  From home roasted foods like barbecue and roasted whole fish. Charring is prevented but cannot be avoided. From burnt bread and steamed rice. Results of carelessness and lack of experience.  You might be eating charcoal from those foods.

Coffee and chocolate have charcoal components too, roasted in high heat to almost charred state.

There are cases when the food is intentionally charred and consumed for the sake of pain relief. It is a tradition in our town. When someone was suffering from stomach pain. The part of the last food he ate is placed over burning wood until charred. Pound and mixed with drinking water and administered. Many cases were resolved by this method based from my observation, including my previous stomach aches.  In case there is no left with food in question, any other burnt food could not be applied.

Example, if the last food eaten was fried chicken. Remaining fried chicken is charred, mixed with water and given to sufferer. Burnt rice cannot be given. Fried chicken of different batch is also not applied.

Fresh charred food as cure for stomach ache make sense. Charcoal is an activated carbon though might not be as effective as commercial counterparts. Active carbon has a very large surface area that adsorbs most things in its path including toxins from eaten foods.

According to wiki, one gram active carbon has a wide surface area of 500m2 to 1500m2. It is administered to patients suffering from poisoning or drug overdosed. The usual dose is one gram per kg body weight. Also use to treat, diarrhea, flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome and to lower blood alcohol levels.

It is likely to adsorbs stomach toxins, fats and essential vitamins and minerals.

Using The Joy Charcoal Stove For Grilling Bangus

She bought it at World Trade Center exhibit. Why she bought it? Perhaps her officemate bought too so she got carried.

joy charcoal stove

LPG stove is very convenient. Turn the knob and it is ready. Unlike charcoal and wood stove, it need few minutes to eternity to start a good heat. Yeah, might be eternity for first time users. The latter two choices are cheaper especially when the source of fire wood and charcoal is nearby and free – the farm.

Perhaps she want to save on lpg cost since I can get firewood and charcoal for free.

Some observations and tips…

The stove looks like a casserole. It has cover and two ear handles. It also has wire handle. I think it is for easy transport while the unit is hot. However, it looks too weak for the stove weight. I rather let it cool and hold on two ears.

It is patented. Imitation are prohibited.

It has four stove rings (never sure if the right term is “ring”)and one small circle for complete closure. Use only the outermost ring for big casserole. Place the second ring for smaller cooking vessel and so on.

I think it is made of fragile metal, the same metal used for making kaldero. The grilled plate in stove center holds the charcoal. A small handle below it can be moved right and left to close and open the air source. More air means higher ember heat and vice versa. Closing it will cease the heat.

grilled metal plate

charcoal stove air source

The unit can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

To start, remove all the stove rings. Open the air source fully. Get some scratch paper, fire it and place on charcoal holder. Then place charcoal gradually on burning paper. Place rings according to size of casserole. Additional charcoal can be placed by opening the ear handle.

opening the ear handle

It’s time to use it…

I remove all the rings and place a grill. Yep, a grill for roasting purposes is provided.  I gonna grill bangus.

While grilling…

The bangus does not fit perfectly. I am adjusting the position from time to time to heat the head and tail. There is plenty of space on both sides – this make the air bent below useless. I also notice that I can only roast two at the same time and still wasting some space on both sides. A square stove design would fit three. The manufacturer has bigger stoves. Never sure if they have square designs.

grilling bangus

After grilling…

I removed the grill. Place on all the rings and circle. I made sure that air source is completely closed. I want to save the remaining charcoal for next cooking.

I opened the stove after few hours and all the charcoals are completely turned to ashes. I gonna pour some water on it next time.

Up next … cooking rice.