Less-Fat Pork Chicharon (Baboy)

pork chicharon

I asked about this chicharon because it is really nice too look at. A very neat packaging and label. The content, chicharon baboy, looks very clean. The scenario got more interesting whey the staff told me that it contain less fat.

I wonder how they did that! Somebody tell me please!

I bought two 100 grams packs for 60 pesos each. A total of 120 pesos for 200 grams of chicharon. If my memory serves me right, I can acquire this quantity from street vendors and sari-sari store for less than fifty pesos. But if we consider that it contain lesser amount fat, sixty pesos is a good deal.

This chicharon is chrunchy with no hard part as compared to street version. Taste less salty and every piece is fuller.

Available in plain and spicy variants. I only tasted the plain version because the other one is out of stock.

Pork Skin, Iodized Salt and Vegetable Oil.

Manufactured by:
Pat & Kat
# 285 Brgy. 7 Amaya, Tanza
Cavite, Philippines
Tel. No.: (046)437-6387
Cell. No.: (+63)921-7261093

pork chicharon

Vegetarian Chicharon – Marty’s Cracklin


I saw this vegetarian chicharon in magazine I borrowed from my friend. I got a little curious. I bought one to try.

Jump in if you want to make your own vegetarian like this.


The vegetarian chicharon is product of Liwayway Marketing Corp. The Oishi Marty’s Cracklin’.

It is not made of meat, good for those who hate meat! Contains zero trans fat.  The main ingredients I see are green peas, tapioca starch and potatoes.

Nutritional Facts
energy – 160 kcalories
saturated fats – 4 g
trans fat – 0 g
cholesterol – 0 g
sodium –  230 mg
total carbohydrates – 80 g
protein – 2 g

The price is 6 pesos for 26 gram pack.  I like the taste of this vegetarian chicharon. It posses mild saltiness and unique flavor . I cannot compare the flavor with the real chicharon because they are totally different things.

This video emphasize that Marty’s crackling is not made of pig skin. It is made of vegetables instead.