Chicken In A Creamy Sauce

chicken in a creamy sauce


1/4 kilo chicken, cubes
1/4 kilo potato, quarters
1/4 kilo carrot, slices
1/4 kilo bell pepper, squares
1/4 pack all purpose cream
1 small can evaporated milk
1 head onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
a pinch of pepper and salt
fish sauce to taste


1) Saute chicken with onion and garlic.

2) Add potato, carrot and bell pepper. Add water and boil for 15 minutes.

3) Pour all-purpose cream and evaporated milk. Lower the flame and continue heating for another five minutes. Add salt and fish sauce to taste.


Drinking Raw Egg Straight From Shell

Some chickens drink their own egg. Force the fresh egg open with their sharp pointed beak and sip all its contents. I am an agriculturist-food technologist but I never know the real reason behind the did. Elders said it’s because it got very hungry but never want to get out of nest. Chickens doing such are candidate for culling.

We never usually take fresh uncooked eggs. We boil it, from soft boiled egg, malasado, to hard boiled egg. Fry, sunny side up, beaten, torta and omelet. The only nearest to raw eggs is the malasado.

Note: fresh eggs is mixed with drinks such as eggnog and coconut eggnog variation or coquito.

On the other hand, some do take fresh eggs. Fresh eggs straight from the egg shells. Pricking the egg shell with a sharp object instead of beak. Then drinking it like an ordinary drinking water. Sometimes mixing a little salt to counter the disagreeable taste, malansa.

I think, fresh egg is drank as tonic. Taken by alcohol intoxicated person and or exhausted person a day after.

If the egg is a Salmonella carrier, the drinker might suffer then.

fresh luminous eggsupdate as of June 30, 2012. Drink by pregnant just before delivery. A belief that it will hasten  baby delivery.

How to Make Tokwa Nuggets

1) Divide tofu. The size should be smaller than regular chicken nuggets. The breading will make its size bigger. Set aside.

2) Get three saucers. Place all-purpose flour on the first. A gently beaten egg on the second. Bread crumbs on the third. Bread crumbs could be a plain bread crumbs from bakery, a package bread crumbs on grocery shelves, a delicious potato chips or any cracker of choice. Potato chip is expected to give a more delectable taste.

3) Roll a piece of tofu on flour. Dip it in beaten egg and roll it well on bread crumbs. Do the same for the remaining tokwa slices. All sides must be well coated with flour, egg and crumbs.  Tokwa is fragile – handle it with care.

breaded tofu

4) Set the stove flame to low. Place a pan with enough cooking oil. Fry the nuggets until golden brown. Remove from heat and place in a strainer or on a clean towel to remove excess oil.

tokwa tofu nuggets

For me, a plain fried tokwa is nothing without fried pork and good sauce. However, this one is different. A crunchy coating and a soft filling. It taste delectable even without a sauce.

This one is a good alternative for meat haters.

The same breading technique is applicable to chicken, pork, beef, fish and shrimp.

How to Make Brown Kwek Kwek

I would like to thanks to blessing_200 for posting a recipe of kwek kwek mix. I was able to make my own kwek kwek at home after i read his post.

Kwek kwek consist of boiled egg coated with a mixture of flour. It is deep fried immediately after coating. The flour mix could be spicy by adding variety of ingredients. Based from my observation, most vendor make a plain coating. Taste is compensated by a spicy sauce.

The following are the ingredients according to him:
2 cups of 1st class flour
1 tbsp  baking powder
3/4 cup water
ground pepper
food color (egg yellow)

flour mix in a bowl

In a bowl, mix flour, salt and ground pepper. Add water little by little until the mixture is tacky. Taste the mixture and adjust according to your preference. Coat the boiled chicken or pugo eggs using two spoons. Drop immediately in hot cooking oil. Fry until golden brown.

brown chicken egg kwek kwek

I never like adding food color.

Mine turned brown easily because I added sugar to flour mix. I also added more pepper.

Eat kwek kwek with the favorite sauce of choice.

brown kwek kwek in sauce

Broiler Chicken, Easy to Eat, Sagad to the Bones

The family budget was scarce  but we had chicken on dining table. When the budget was enough, we often had dried fish like law law, daing and sap sap. Do you think our situation was odd?

Father used to have a chicken farm, free range native chicken. Those were not meant for sale, they were food buffer. Some chickens were slaughtered whenever the pocket was empty.

Free range native chickens are easy to raise. Little farm inputs needed. They search for their own food. Resistant to diseases. Should be feed every morning and late afternoon. Feeding is done so the chicken will come back home. Grated coconut and corn will do.

Native chickens are delectable. A tinola recipe with raw papaya, ginger and a little salt is one of my favorite. Popular ready cooking mixes are not necessary. Perhaps adding one will spoil its natural flavor. Old hens and roosters have better flavor but eating the bone, wings, neck, feet and ribs is hard. The mentioned parts contain ligaments, tendons and little meat. Two bones connected together are very hard to separate. Bones are very hard. Tendons and ligaments are tough.

Eating broiler chicken is a different experience. The ligaments and tendons are so weak. Bones are soft. Tigh and leg bones can be cracked easily in between teeth. I can eat every last bit of wings, neck and ribs including small bones. Broiler chickens are really enjoyable to eat, especially when prepared by popular fast foods and restaurants. Sagad to the bones.

Native chicken have superior flavor while broiler types’ are inferior. Through cooking techniques and addition of ingredients, it can be as flavorful as native. I am wondering how many chemicals are added to do it. The 35 days broiler chickens are power packed with commercial feeds, medicines and hormones. Then food processor are adding a handful of chemicals before serving.

broiler chicken bones


Lup-og/Ulikba | The Black Chicken with Black Meat

What are the colors of chicken? The popular fast growing broiler varieties are color white. Some are dirty white due to dirt. Native chickens come in a variety of colors, white, brown, red and black. black

What is the color of chicken meat? Everyone would agree that it is white. It is white indeed. I am eating chicken since I was a child and all chicken meat I have seen and eaten are all white. I can’t imagine eating a red colored chicken meat, or a dark colored one. Perhaps something is wrong with the meat, spoiled, dyed or accidentally spilled with unknown chemical.

Speaking of chicken colors, chickens with black colored meat exist. I watched about this thing recently on Jessica Soho.

The first one is the Chinese Silkie Chicken. The feathers are white but the bones and meat are black. Its market price is about 300 to 400. It is used to make a black chicken soup. Hmm… this thing is kinda interesting. I wonder how it taste!

There is another one. The chicken is called Lup-og/Ulikba. It is known to Vietnam as Hmong chicken. It is all black from feathers to bones to meat. The blood has a violet complexion, its not really all black, lol! The chicken is rare and can be found in some place of Ifugao. It is commonly used by the natives as ceremonial offerings.

The chicken is believed to be a tonic for person with fever related cases, a good energy booster for new mothers and helps regulate a good blood flow.

Do you want Lup-og? Think again! Its not easy to acquire. One kilo live weight is equivalent to 150 to 200 thousand pesos.