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The Lettuce Chips

This chip reminds of ate Bing Angeles, a friend, a woman, who is busy making and selling Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips.  It looked very much like her product and I thought it was hers. Chips in a red transparent pouch. Triangular shape lettuce chips. If I and her were not mistaken it was her who […]

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How to Make Taro/Gabi Chips

I used the white gabi/taro variety for making this chip. Two taro varieties are available here, white and pink. The pink (we call it red actually) has pink flesh and shade of the same color on base of stalks. The white variety has a clean white flesh and a regular green stalks.  White plant grows […]

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How to Make Plain Garlic Chips

I finally got successful in making banana chips after about ten trials. I never thought that making garlic chips is so delicate. A slightest mistake will render it burnt. Procedure: 1) Get garlic. Separate each clove and remove the skin. 2) Slice big clove to halves. Leave the small ones as is. 3) Get a […]

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