How to Make Plain Garlic Chips

I finally got successful in making banana chips after about ten trials. I never thought that making garlic chips is so delicate. A slightest mistake will render it burnt.


1) Get garlic. Separate each clove and remove the skin.

2) Slice big clove to halves. Leave the small ones as is.

3) Get a glass with a flat bottom and a chopping board.

4) Slowly flatten each clove in between chopping board and glass bottom. Or slice it thinly. Thin slices look more appealing. Pressing is a lot easier so I prefer it.

5) Place the flatten garlic clove in stainless steel strainer.

6) Add enough cooking oil in a frying pan. Amount of cooking oil should be enough to soak all garlic.

7) Set the stove flame to low. Test the oil temperature by dipping a piece of garlic in oil. It is ready when it bubbles gently.

8) Dipped the stainless steel strainer in oil. Fry until slightly golden brown. This will take approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on stove temperature. Brown to blackish color is a sign of burnt chip. It taste bitter.

9) Remove from flame immediately and place on manila paper or dry towel to remove excess oil.

fried garlic chips

Unsweetened Banana Chips From Saba Banana Rejects

The two to three bottom end hands of saba banana are considered rejects. They are rejects because they are smaller than the rest of banana and usually contain less fingers. They are not included in sale cause they tend to make the whole batch price lower.

reject saba banana

The three bottom ends are called “puto”. Puto ng saging is pronounced differently than puto – the Filipino rice cake similar to muffins.  The two “puto” syllables are pronounced very fast with a  quick stop.

Rejects are usually left behind to ripe and eaten, to rot or as feed to animals – horses and cows. This time I got three banana hands. All of them are rejects. The three hands are left behind after my brother sold his harvest.

Lets make unsweetened banana chips from it!

1) Cut both ends and peel with a knife. Insert the knife from one side and remove the peel by twisting the inserted knife gently.  Always use a stainless steel knife, steel knives leave a dark spots on banana.

2) Soak peeled banana in clean water to prevent discoloration and remove latex.

peeling of saba banana

3) Slice thinly and uniformly. Crosswise or lengthwise. Uniformity can be achieved by using a banana slicer, a food processor or a knife with a cutting guide like the one below.

guided knife for slicing banana

4) Also, soak the sliced banana in water to prevent discoloration. Drain it for about five minutes before frying.

5) Put cooking oil in cooking vessel. Set the flame to high and wait until it slightly emits smoke. Drop enough sliced bananas. Stir to prevent sticking together of slices. Then set the flame to low after two minutes.

frying of banana chips

6) Take one chip at regular interval to check. Cooking is done once the banana chips are crispy. Another way to determine is by its color. Cooked banana chips are golden brown. Once done, take out from oil immediately and place in a strainer to drain excess oil.

draining of recently fried banana chips

How unsweetened banana chips taste?  Just try it!

Large Scale Production of Tortilla Chips

Contrary to what I thought, tortilla chips are made of corn and not potatoes. Potato chips are very popular so anybody might think that the two chips are made of the same raw materials. It was invented by American, not Mexican. The technology of making tortilla chips started by cutting and frying tortillas.

Most of the tortilla chips sold are manufactured commercially in large scale. It is almost impossible to come up with uniform triangular tortilla chips with home methods.

This manufacturing method starts from corn kernels as raw materials. Corns are mixed with lime to kill any invading microorganisms and loosen the corn shell. Shell are removed. Passed through grinding, mixing of other ingredients, dough mixing, chip molding, frying, flavoring and packing.

The second method below uses maze flour as ingredients. Other methods are the same as above.

Please drop a comment to report any broken video! Enjoy!

The 90% Plant-based and 100% Biodegradable Food Packaging


For the benefits of those who love the environment, this new technology is for you. The biodegradable food packaging of Sunchips (packaging technology developed by fritolay).

Chip bag is 90% plant based and 100% biodegradable. After eating, you can leave the bag in your garden and it is gone for good after 14 weeks. This innovation is really amazing! This package is good for us Filipinos because we have the tendency of throwing away our garbage just anywhere.


I have seen biodegradable plastic bag being used by SM Supermarket and Bench but compostable food package like Sunchips is not yet available here in Philippines. Tell me if you see one. I know this will be available soon.

See the evidence.

But there a catch! This bag is very noisy. Eating such a noisy snack might not be enjoyable. Having the chip near the sleeping baby is a sure disturbance. Having it in party or cinema can get the attention of everybody. It could be a source of embarrassment or somebody might send you to police station for the act of noise pollution.

please report a broken video

Due to loud noise created by the chip bag that created many complains, Frito Lay reverted back to traditional non-biodegradable packaging. But the fight for mother earth is not over yet. They spend time researching to lower the noise of their biodegradable packaging and they actually did it. The change of adhesive substance to create the multi-layered package lowered the noise to acceptable label.

The 100 percent biodegradable packaging is in circulation again.

Packaging is Good Enough? Potato Chips and Toasted Bread


Take a look at two photos below and read the review post about functions of food packaging.



Functions of Food Packaging:

1. provide a barrier against dirt and other contaminants thus keeping the product clean
2. prevent losses. For example, packages should be securely closed to prevent leakage
3. food against physical and chemical damage. Harmful effects of air, light, insects, and rodents.
4. package design provides protection and convenience in handling and transport during distribution and marketing
5. help the customers to identify the food and instruct them how to use it correctly
6. should persuade the consumer to purchase the food.

The question is which of the two packaging performs better? You would probably say that potato packaging is better than of toasted bread. Potato chips’ package is a laminate of aluminum foil and several layers of plastics. The package was also inflated with inert gas to maintain product freshness, protect it from handling damage and maintain a long shelf life. It provides good barrier to oxygen, light, insect and dirt. It is easy to handle because of its inflated shape. The container is also beautiful, your child will like it better than bread. Number five rule is applicable only to foods like instant noodles, spaghetti and gelatin.

Toasted bread was packed in an ordinary polyethylene bag(PE). Literally, it is inferior as compare to laminated aluminum foil. Do you think  PE bag was good enough? Well, my answer is yes! Why?

1. Produce in low volumes. The product route is from manufacturer to delivery man to sari-sari stores and to consumers. Low production volume and short product route allows the product to be sold in period not more than two weeks. These allow the product to perform function 1 to 4. Are you confused?

2. The label is informative enough.

3. This product was meant to be sold to class C and D markets. You can buy it for six pesos and its enough for your morning snack. The other was also cheap but the content is in question.

Health Benefits of Garlic Chips



Garlic has many health benefits . But most of us cannot eat garlic in pure form. One way to enjoy and rip the benefits of garlic is to eat garlic chips.

Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic, one of the most essential ingredients in the kitchen, does more than provide rich flavor to your favorite dishes. It is considered as one of the healthiest foods that you can eat. Garlic is known to provide numerous health benefits and is said to cure a lot of body ailments. Here are some of the goods things that you can get from eating garlic:

  • Improves cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol levels

Have you ever noticed that people who eat lots of garlic have lower incidences of cardiovascular disease? People in Asia and the Far East use garlic regularly in their food and they happen to enjoy great cardiovascular health. Garlic is proven to lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the body.

  • It serves as a natural antioxidant

Garlic contains allicin, an ingredient which increases the amount of enzymes and glutathione peroxidase in your blood. Garlic can also slow down the aging of the liver and help combat the harmful effects of nicotine.

  • It fights off bacteria

It was during the 19th century that the anti-bacterial properties of garlic were discovered. Garlic contains some of the potency found in penicillin which can help fight certain bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria, E.coli and Candida albican.

  • Can help reduce blood clotting

Studies have revealed that garlic can actually help reduce blood pressure. People who took garlic supplements had their blood pressure lowered around 1% to 5%. This can help lessen the chances of stroke and heart diseases.

  • It can control acne

On its own, garlic has not yet been proven to prevent acne but some studies show that it can be combined with other ingredients to produce an effective anti-acne treatment.

When eating garlic, it is best to crush it or chop it up. This will release the active compounds which produce the health benefits mentioned above.