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How to Make Plain Garlic Chips

I finally got successful in making banana chips after about ten trials. I never thought that making garlic chips is so delicate. A slightest mistake will render it burnt. Procedure: 1) Get garlic. Separate each clove and remove the skin. 2) Slice big clove to halves. Leave the small ones as is. 3) Get a […]

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Large Scale Production of Tortilla Chips

Contrary to what I thought, tortilla chips are made of corn and not potatoes. Potato chips are very popular so anybody might think that the two chips are made of the same raw materials. It was invented by American, not Mexican. The technology of making tortilla chips started by cutting and frying tortillas. Most of […]

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Packaging is Good Enough? Potato Chips and Toasted Bread


Take a look at two photos below and read the review post about functions of food packaging. Functions of Food Packaging: 1. provide a barrier against dirt and other contaminants thus keeping the product clean 2. prevent losses. For example, packages should be securely closed to prevent leakage 3. food against physical and chemical damage. […]

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