Fresh Egg and Tabliya Chololate Drink


approximately 14 grams pure tabliya chocolate
250 ml drinking water
2 tablespoon powdered milk
1 tablespoon sugar
1 fresh egg


1) Add 250 ml water and 14 grams pure tabliya chocolate to boiling pan. Bring to slow boil for 30 minutes. Let cool. Cooling is necessary as hot temperature will curdle the egg.

2) Break the fresh egg to cooled tabliya water mixture. Add one tablespoon sugar and two tablespoon milk powder. Stir vigorously until frothy / a high speed blender will make a nice enjoyable froth.

tabliya fresh egg milk mixing egg tabliya drinkNote: Choose the freshest and cleanest egg whenever possible. Egg is a good medium for Salmonella bacteria growth. Even a few population may cost stomach problem. Decide not to add egg whenever in doubt.

The resulting drink is a bitter sweet chocolate with a slight milk and raw egg taste. Maybe refrigerated or added with crushed iced before frothing.

Tabliya Chocolate Sauce for Suman

Some of my friends keep on insisting that tabliya is a good sauce for suman. I wanted to try but suman is only available once a year. That is during All Saints Day. Some areas are making suman all year round because it is an integral part of their culture. Other do it as source of income. Unfortunately, we only make suman during the All Saints season. Several seasons have passed, several seasons of forgetfulness.

The idea is – measure equal amounts of sugar and tabliya. Cook it with small portion of water until sticky. The consistency should be close to mayonnaise. Adjust tabliya amount forĀ  chocolate flavor. Adjust sugar for sweetness. Adjust water amount for fluidity.

I was lucky this year. I remembered the idea of tabliya chocolate sauce for suman. I told my better half about it. She refused several times. She was insisting that chocolate and rice cake are not good combination.

I won the argument. She made about half cup sauce. She tried it and was very amazed. She said several times that it was very delectable.

suman and tabliya chocolate sauce

How to Make Native Chocolate Tabliya Jelly

tabliya jelly

1 pack 24 grams Mr. Gulaman gelatin or any similar product
2 tablets pure tabliya cacao, 29 grams
1 can small evaporated milk, 154 ml
6 tablespoons refined sugar

a pack of mr gulaman

1) Place two pure tabliya tablets and one liter water in a pot. Cover and bring to slow boil for 30 minutes to one hour.
2) Add evaporated milk and refined sugar. Adjust according to your taste preference.
3) Sprinkle the gelatin to mixture slowly while stirring.
4) Continue stirring for five minutes to dissolve the gelatin completely.
5) Remove from fire. Pour into moulds. Cool and refrigerate before serving.

cooking tablea chocolate in hot boiling water

prepared hot chocolate mixed with mr gulaman

tabliya jelly

How to Make Tabliya Chocolate With Peanuts

cacao tablets

I have a previous post about production of native chocolate tabliya. A natural baking chocolate without any added preservatives. Tabliya can be mixed with sugar or just plain natural chocolate. At first, we are only producing tabliya with sugar because they are easier to mold to a tablet like shape. It also cost less per piece. But due to insistent public demand, we are forced to produce a pure and more expensive version. Many chocolate drink lovers are diabetic so they want a real pure chocolate. Some of them are just health conscious, hate too much sugar.

cacao tablets

We already have two versions, “tabliya with sugar” and the “pure cacao”. Still, some customers are not contented. They are asking for tabliya with peanuts (finely ground peanut like peanut butter) but we keep on denying the request. The approximate shelf life of native chocolate is two years depending on storage condition. The self life of peanut butter is short, about six months depending on process, packaging and storage. Peanut butter is prone to rancidity. When tabliya and peanut butter are mixed together, its shelf life will be determined by peanut ingredient. We do not want the product to have a short storage life.

In case you want the mixture, they can be produce by means of these methods:

1) Mix the roasted peanuts with roasted cacao nibs before grinding. See procedures here. Adding too much peanuts can turn the mixture liquid forever.

2) Buy tabliya chocolate and peanut butter separately and mix them during cooking.