The Hot Frosted Cinnamon Coffee

20 pesos coffee

My friend arrived while I was busy grinding cocoa nibs. Too bad I could never offer him any snack. No any available in refrigerator and I couldn’t think of any decent available from nearby sari-sari store. I offered him we go to 7-eleven for coffee after finishing my chore.

No other decent coffee shop in town except for this place. The 7-eleven. One entrepreneur had tried opening a coffee shop before but it simply never clicked. His shop only lasted for few months. He should have been very successful if he acquired a Starbucks franchise instead. People here love the brand.

I never used the 7-eleven loyalty card.. that I bought before for ten pesos. I have never activated it in the first place. It was on my home table.

Get first the hot drink before paying? The paper cups were on top of coffee dispenser. We were noob and never knew how to operate it. We were trying hard sosi pretending only know how to order espresso coffee from a barista. We called the crew attention and asked for help. She said, just make a choice and press a button. With this setup, if someone is accustomed to, he could just get a coffee without paying, or just pay for the first cup and get a free refill. That is if the crew never noticed and the customer is somewhat dishonest. We are honest, so we paid.

7 eleven coffee dispenser

It still reminds me of my colleague who used to get unlimited Slurpy refill.

20 pesos coffee

Our choice were Frosted Cinnamon. Straight and frank analysis. It was very good a first but became pretty boring after the third sip. It was too sweet and seemed making my head spin a little. It was becoming sweeter as the cup got deeper. It gave the impression of their inefficient apparatus, could not mixed well the dispensed hot drink.

frosted cinnamon coffee

Cinnamon Bark for Treating Damaged Brain Cells

I know cinnamon. It is the brown powder packed in a small and elegant glass bottle, like McCormick cinnamon. It is widely used as spice or flavorings. For preparation of chocolates, apple pie, donuts, bread buns, candies, tea, hot cocoa and a variety of fine dishes.

cinnamon bark by fastily

Recently, I went to Divisoria to buy some food stuffs. I saw a large plastic container full of rolled tree barks. It can be noticed easily cause it was beside other raw materials like peanut, black pepper, annatto, dried chilli and cacao beans.

I asked the sales lady what it was, I mean what kind of bark it was. She replied,”It’s cinnamon”. The real cinnamon where the powdered form originated.  So if you’re in a need of cinnamon bark, it can be found in Divisoria. Be patient cause there are lots of stores to search to.

If my memory serves me right, it can be bought in SM Supermarket too.

So why look for the cinnamon bark if you can easily buy powder nearby groceries. Powder is more convenient than bark.

1) Some chefs and cooks want a real cinnamon bark for fine dining.

2) You can be sure that bark is pure, natural and not adulterated.

3) For medicinal purposes. Cinnamon can cure  a variety of diseases. A recent breakthrough is for treatment of brain cells.

Researchers have found that compounds from cinnamon extract can protect cells from fluid accumulation. The incident happens after strokes and other traumatic injuries. It was a great breakthrough though further studies are needed.

Cinnamon spice can be used to cure colds, diarrhea, other digestive problems,  and type 2 diabetes. It can also serve as antimicrobial agent and potent antioxidant. Cinnamon tea is often drink for its antioxidant activity.

image courtesy of fastily