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Cocoa Nibs Tea / Steeping Method

steeped cocoa nibs

Now that I am satisfied with my main raw materials (cocoa beans) and the roasting process, I can try what I want besides making chocolate and chocolate drink. A drink made by steeping, brewing or boiling the cocoa nibs. Extracting only the flavors without including the solid part. I know a certain company is marketing […]

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The Cocoa Bean

What is the right term? Cocoa bean or cacao bean? I have always thought cacao refers to plant, pod, wet beans, dried seeds, roasted. The cocoa I know is the powder in small PE bags we used to bought from nearby sari-sari store. The popular branded versions up to now are Milo and Ovaltine. I […]

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Roasting The Beans

good fermented cacao beans

Roasting converts the nicely fermented beans to a awesome smelling and tasting nibs. Roasting has three purposes, flavor development, sterilization and loosening up the nibs prior to winnowing. There are several style of doing it but all of them follow the same general rule, keep the beans rolling at temperature of 90 to 135 degrees […]

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