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Cocoa Hulls/Shells for Making Tea

cocoa shell

This is interesting. The artisans of Undone Chocolate mentioned cocoa hulls make a delicious tea. I never know how, maybe just steeping or boiling a handful of hulls in water will do the trick. Unfermented cocoa bean shells have kind of nasty taste, too bitter and astringent. Fermented shells are kind of woody and dusty […]

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Cocoa Nibs Tea / Steeping Method

steeped cocoa nibs

Now that I am satisfied with my main raw materials (cocoa beans) and the roasting process, I can try what I want besides making chocolate and chocolate drink. A drink made by steeping, brewing or boiling the cocoa nibs. Extracting only the flavors without including the solid part. I know a certain company is marketing […]

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The Cocoa Bean

What is the right term? Cocoa bean or cacao bean? I have always thought cacao refers to plant, pod, wet beans, dried seeds, roasted. The cocoa I know is the powder in small PE bags we used to bought from nearby sari-sari store. The popular branded versions up to now are Milo and Ovaltine. I […]

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