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Darkening Buko Bits…

buko young coconut bits beginning to darken

There are reasons why we should keep buko meat soaked in its own water. We set aside the primary reason, we want to keep the delicious water for later drinking. Keeping the young coconut meat color is of great importance. It is beautifully white right after opening but begins to change color after a while. […]

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The Dessicated Coconut

Pandecoco, from the word pandesal and coconut. A bread which appearance is not similar to pandesal . It is round and has slightly flat appearance. It is more like a ham bread for burger making, but with a smooth shiny surface and a sweetened coconut filling. The other bread with coconut is macaroon. However, unlike […]

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Extracting Cocoa Butter and Other Oil Processing Methods

The popular oil extraction methods. The solvent extraction. The oil-rich commodity is bath with hexane, the likes of petroleum ether. It dissolves the commodity oil content. The oil is then purified by boiling the hexane off. Hexane has low boiling temperature, about 36 to 50°C. Boiling to such temperature range will drive the hexane off and leave the oil […]

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The Macapuno Nut Bytes

We were invited to macapuno processing area. They were processing and selling sweetened macapuno and macapuno bucayo to partially fund the macapuno tissue culture project. The inviter wanted us to buy some of their sweet products. Only sweetened macapuno was available so we had a free taste of it and bought half kilo each. The […]

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