Using Ground Coffee for the Second Time

For a great cup of coffee, use a freshly roasted ground on every cup.

Someone went near the plastic sealing machine and closed a polyethylene bags full of coffee tablets. The coffee tablets – flattened tablet like coffee from espresso machine. A waste product of coffee making.

coffee tablets from espresso machineWhat are you going to do with the used coffee grounds? Take it home and use for making hot coffee. It is not as good as fresh but still have strong good taste when boiled.

For regular coffee drinkers who are not particular with flavor, a set of grounds can be used two to three times. The lack of flavor is masked by one to three teaspoon sugar. The drinker is only after the coffee wakening effect and not the flavor itself. Specially true for evening sessions, overnight works, night parties and funeral ceremony. Or their taste buds are not as sensitive as connoisseur.

The barista previously working at Figaro Coffee Shop told me. Used coffee grounds are still useful. Many customers are buying it. They are applying it as fertilizer/mulch to plants. Though he never sure if anyone is cooking it for the second time.

The Sampalok/Tamarind Seeds Coffee

The first experiment with tamarind seeds. Boiled it long enough but did not make it softer. Dumped.

The second experiment. As suggested by Simon, I roasted some sampalok seeds for 15 minutes. Removed the skin and munched in with all my might. I enjoyed the crunchy hard property.

The third experiment. How about tamarind coffee?

I saved about 26 sampalok seeds. I got them from haleya sampalok. It’s similar to ube haleya but he main ingredients are sampalok pulp and glutenous rice. It looks like a more fluid version of kalamay buna.

sampalok seeds in coconut cup

haleya sampalok

I roasted the seeds over low flame until crunchy enough to pierce with pliers. I milled it, coarse grind, and roasted again for few minutes. I did it to get a more or less even roast. I never removed seed coats for convenience.

Added one cup water boiled for five minutes. Filtered off roasted sampalok and transfered to a mug.

milled and roasted sampalok tamarind seeds

boiling tamarind coffee

If the process was done by someone else, I would immediately conclude that it was a rice coffee. The two have similar odor characteristic. I cannot clearly described but definitely not the smell of burning coal.

Pouring to mug produced bubbles that lasted for more than 30 seconds. Significantly longer than regular brewed/instant coffee and tea.

I thought it was black but bringing it in bright light showed the true color. It is dark red when in cup but red orange when small amount is held in spoon. The shade might be due to dark red seed coat.

brewed tamarind coffee

It taste bitter and astringent (mapakla). Felt like a thin film of latex was painted throughout my mouth and around the tongue. The same sensation I felt when I first drink a Lipton tea. It tasted well with sugar.

Drink Coffee to Lower the Risk of Gouty Arthritis?

Drinking coffee has a lot of issues. Many credible articles are stating that it is harmful to health. There are also studies proving that drinking it is beneficial. It is natural for manufacturers to promote its health benefits. Why say something bad about own commodity? Do not judge them as one-sided because what they are saying are also backed-up by studies.

coffee mug

Here is another benefit that can make you a coffee addict – drinking at least five cups a day.

I read about it on Arthritis Foundation ( Drinking four or more cups of coffee a day may significantly lower the risk of gouty arthritis in men. It may lower the amount of body uric acid which deposits in bone joints as urate crystals.

I mentioned in my previous article that drinking softdinks is related to increased risk of gouty arthritis in men. Softdinks addicts perhaps can switch to hot coffee and ice cold coffee. Prevent it before the chronic big toe pain happens.

The finding was a result of two separate studies.

1) Done by researchers of Arthritis Research Center of Canada, University of British Columbia in Canada, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Health. Led by Hyon K. Choi, MD, DrPH and associates. Count of 45,869 men age 40 and no previous history of gout were included in the study. Follow up surveys was made after 12 years.

2)The second study was also led by Dr. Choi. It was based on US National Health and Nutrition Survey done between 1988 and 1994. About 14,000 men and women at least 20 years old were included in the study.

Gout risk is 40% lower in men who drank four to five cups a day, 59% for those who drank more than six cups and slightly lower for those who drank decaffeinated coffee.

Wew! I feel like drinking coffee every hour.

Drinking Brewed Coffee To Relieve Muscle Pains

So much for the bad effects of taking coffee. This one is a real good thing.

Muscle pain after exercise is normal especially during first time. Its your fist time to lift a barbel. Its your first time to run ten rounds in a Olympic size field. Its your first time to play basketball after five years of rest. Muscle pain in these situations is very likely.

Pain might also occur when overexerting one’s capacity or after a day of hectic schedule. Trying to transfer a thousand sacks of palay within a day. Climbing 100 coconut trees  to get coconut sap. Making 20 rounds of run instead of ten. Even a day of blogging work might cause arm pain.

Before taking any pain relievers, you might want to try drinking coffee. It can be used to relieved muscle pains. Two cups of brewed coffee or equivalent caffeine supplement  can relieved muscle pain. It should be taken an hour before exercise. Please prefer brewed coffee over the supplement!

This is proven by the study conducted by Professor Patrick O’Connor of University of Georgia. It reduces muscle pain by 48% and more effective than aspirin and ibuprofen.

Roasting process increases the amount of antioxidant in coffee. Antioxidant effect is being used by popular coffee brands for their advertisements. Coffee as pain killer might also be an effective promotional strategy.

The pain killing action is more of prevention than cure. I never knew if taking two cups of coffee can relieve existing pain.

I read about the information from Reader’s Digest.

brewed coffee as pain killer

Coffee Might Reduce The Chance of Getting Pregnant

Good news to all coffee drinkers! Ow! It is not a good news, it is bad instead.

Television commercial is building up coffee reputation. It is a good source of antioxidant – resulted from roasting process. However, there are coffee and caffeine bad effects that cannot be seen on tv but can be read on website.

A recent study by the University of Nevada, America discovered that too much coffee consumption have affect on women’s pregnancy – it decrease the chance of conception. Bad for mom wannabees.

The research paper is entitled – Inhibitory effect of caffeine on pacemaker activity in the oviduct is mediated by cAMP-regulated conductances.

It has negative effect on egg transport through the oviduct and may contribute to the documented delayed conception in women consuming caffeinated beverages. It weaken the fallopian tube muscles and thereby making the transport of egg from the ovary to the uterus difficult. Even two cups of coffee a day are enough to cause the stated effects.

There are other factors that affect women fertility such as premature menopause, hormonal imbalance and ovary problems. We should not throw the blame only to coffee. However, there is no harm in avoiding coffee and other caffeinated food and beverages. Softdrinks and caffeinated energy drinks do more harm than good.

If your a coffee drinking mom, then you would say that the study result is not true. Of course you have proofs, your children. But for couple who are having a hard time to have a baby, avoiding coffee would be a great step.

brewed coffee in cup art

How To Make A Cold Cooked Oatmeal

I am taking oatmeal regularly. Mostly after waking up and before going to to bed. I rarely miss my habit even if it is very irritating to consume warm foods during hot weather. I am bathing with sweat and eating hot oatmeal. It makes me sweat more.

Eating hot oat is like drinking hot coffee. They have the same weakness. Session during peak of the day is not enjoyable. Though many of my friends love coffee during lunch time.

The solution for this product weakness is doing the reverse. Hot drink during cold climate and vice versa. A popular coffee brand has been aggressively promoting its Nescafe Frappe. Coffee, milk, water and ice shake – the resulting drink is like a cold cappuccino.

Application of this idea to oat is simple. Make a cold cooked oats. A very refreshing cold oatmeal during hot summer days. I have three ways of doing this.

A. Boiling and Cooling – I am only doing this when I have many free time.

1) Boil measured amount of oatmeal and water for three minutes.
2) Let stand to cool, about 25°C.
3) Place in refrigerator until cold. Ice cube / tube can be used as an alternative.

B. Hot Water Method

1) Add water to oatmeal, just enough to soak all the oats.
2) Let cool, about 25°C.
3) Add ice tube. I usually skip step two when I am in a hurry.

C. Refrigerator Method – This one has the longest waiting time but the simplest. I often do this method.

1) Mix measured amount of water and oatmeal.
2) Place it in refrigerator for 15 minutes to one hour.

cold cooked oats